The Smart Series product is warranted by the Manufacturer Esva sistemi d.o.o. for a period of 5 years for Transductor and 3 years for Main unit, from the original purchase date against material and construction errors. The warranty comprises spare parts and labour. Esva sistemi d.o.o. do not cover travel and/or expedition expenses. Repairs under warranty will only be accepted if it can be proven in a convincing way (e.g. by means of a purchase invoice) that the day on which the complaint was filed is within the warranty period. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, unreasonable use, negligence or modifications or repairs made by unauthorised personnel.

If the Smart system is deemed to have a manufacturer’s defect and is under warranty it will be repaired, fully serviced and returned free of charge to the nominated address. The warranty does not include the labour and material costs associated with all other services within the warranty period, or any freight charge for “return to base” support, which are chargeable to the customer at Esva sistemi d.o.o. or an Approved Installation Centre’s or other third party agent’s current time and materials rate.

The warranty is a Manufacturer’s Return-To-Base-Warranty, not an effectiveness guarantee, if the Ultra system should fail due to a manufacturer’s defect within the specified warranty period the system should be delivered prepaid to Esva sistemi d.o.o. at the following address:

Esva sistemi d.o.o.
Smart Antifouling
Trpinčeva ulica 108
1000 Ljubljana

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