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What is ultrasonic antifouling?

Bio fouling is one of the main problems faced by every type of vessel at sea. Marine growths like barnacles and mussels cause further issues such as decreased ship performance, increased fuel costs and corrosion. Conveniently though, there are many solutions on the market that combat fouling and one of the most effective is...

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Donating LITE2

We donated our “LITE 2” item (which you can view here) to Davy and Erica from Barefoot Sail and Dive, so they can perform testing and monitoring on their beautiful catamaran. You can check their great youtube channel named Barefoot Sail & Dive....

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We are looking for distributors

Due to demand in the UAE and USA we are looking for distributors. Send us email ( with your company profil and sales vision. Let’s start a shared success story. 🙂...

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